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We help students master English from primary to high school

We help students master English from primary to high school

Our workbooks

Our entire collection of workbooks is devised and designed exclusively by us at Awesome Academy

All material is compliant with The Australian Curriculum: English, and, where applicable, meets the outcomes for NAPLAN and ICAS tests. Workbooks are available for classes Year 2 to Year 8; lessons are also supplemented with other material.

About us

We are passionate about proper English education, and community

Our Head of Teaching, Ms Leigh, has over 9 years of tutoring knowledge. Her firsthand experience with students’ needs means that every lesson has been created with care and precision.

Ms Leigh Hoang

Head of Teaching & Manager

Over 9 years in education.
B.A. (Psychology), University of Sydney. Majors in Psychology, Gender Studies, and Indigenous Australian Studies.
UAI (ATAR): 98.10 (2006).
Studied Extension 2 English (4 Unit)

Ms Ann Hoang


Over 9 years in the creative and digital solutions industry.
B.A. Informatics, University of Sydney. Majors in Philosophy, Film Studies, and Information Systems.

Class options

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Pre-Kindy to Year 1
1 hr, $20
Year 2
1.5 hrs, $30
Years 3 to 10
2 hrs, $38
Years 11 & 12 (HSC)
2 hrs, $40
Selective Prep (Years 5 & 6)
2 hrs, $38
2 hrs, $38


(Years 7 to 8) English + Maths
3 hrs, $50
(Years 7 to 8) Maths
1 hr, $16

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